We offer technical support in the form of design assistance and specifications. Many times a contractor is faced with designing a project but they lack the technical information to specify the equipment and layout for the project to function properly.

We will use our expertise to make sure that you have the proper equipment and configuration so that everyone can sleep well knowing that this will perform properly for many years to come.

We will help you with proper pump sizing, filtration needs, plumbing sizing and configuration and lighting projects.

Helpful Documents:

We could place a whole bunch of detailed information right her for you to download along with various calculators so that you could work things out for yourself but we chose not to.  Why?  Because even if you had all of this data at your disposal, it still takes some experience to figure everything out correctly and we don’t want to take the chance on anyone making a mistake.

We are experts at what we do and we will provide technical services at no charge so that your jobs are specified correctly.  Your job is to build or install, our job is to make sure that you have the proper products to complete your job correctly.

What we need from you is a sketch:

Fax (724-444-6016) or Email (orders@northerncascadesupplies.com)

Building a pond? – Dimensions = length, width, depth

Adding a stream or waterfall? – “height of waterfall”, elevation change from water level to top of waterfall (highest point), length and width of stream and waterfall. 

Building a pondless waterfall? – Length and width of stream along with elevation change from bottom of stream to the highest point of the falls.

Anything questions or something unusual, give us a call at 412-559-7761